Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed


Upcoming Airings of Caught Red Handed

26 Aug, Tue10.40am21 minFLEMINGTON'SEpisode 1
26 Aug, Tue11.05am21 minHOWE'SEpisode 2
26 Aug, Tue3.50pm21 minFLEMINGTON'SEpisode 1
26 Aug, Tue4.15pm21 minHOWE'SEpisode 2
26 Aug, Tue7.20pm21 minFLEMINGTON'SEpisode 1
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About Caught Red Handed

Caught Red Handed is the provocative new series that features fed-up store owners and the brazen shoplifters who attempt to rob them. Overcoming such things as antiquated surveillance systems, no floor security, and even their own cashiers, store owners enlist the help of professional “loss prevention agents” to start a crackdown on store theft. These bold bandits don't realize that their every move is being watched, and soon begin to display their shameless shoplifting skills

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